Let's say that you're a student and you place your assignment on an online service where a tutor solves it in real time. The time that the tutor will spend on comprehending the task and finding the right method for solving your assignment will be a burden on your wallet. Even if the cost per minute seems attractive to you, factoring in the time for the tutor to comprehend the assignment results in you paying significantly more than you expected, especially for difficult assignments.

We on the other hand only charge you for the value of the completed task, regardless of how much time the tutor spends completing it. The tutor will receive the earned money 14 days after the completion of the assignment only if he has fulfilled all of your requirements. In case of inadequate completion of the assignment you will be issued a full refund.

When you place your assignment on online exchange platforms you will receive dozens of offers from tutors within seconds. Realistically, a person is not able to read your assignment, much less get into its nuances, in such a short time. That is, all of those offers are automated spam. You will need to spend a non-negligible amount of time filtering through these fake authors to find authentic authors who have spent the time reading your assignment and have carefully evaluated the time and price of completion. In turn, these authors have varying ratings, experience and feedback, which you must read, analyze and compare. Upon selecting potential authors you must contact them, negotiate the terms for completion, and finally choose one author who will complete the task. Experience shows that this process is time-consuming and does not guarantee that you are lucky enough to have chosen a good author.

On our site, your personal manager will do all this work for you. They will check that your order form is filled out correctly and they will take the time to clarify the details and any special requests of your order. Knowing our authors and their prices, they can quickly estimate the cost of your assignment and pick an author who has the appropriate qualifications and extensive experience in performing assignments specific to you.

Our authors, who are highly qualified, do not spend their time looking for orders or on administrative duties. After completing one task, they move on to the next. This gives us the opportunity to maintain our low prices for students and adequately pay the professionals for their work. When presented with an assignment at the intersection of two disciplines we involve two authors, each of which have a narrow specialization in their field and perform their part of the task several times faster than a generalist.

It is impossible to simultaneously do work at a high quality and quickly and cheaply. This truth is well illustrated by a memo in the form of a Venn diagram *.

We place the quality of the work first. As former students and graduate students we know how expensive education is and therefore we try to reduce the cost for students. We recommend that you place your order in advance, not one day before the assignment is due. Life is life and if you are in a situation where the task needs to be done immediately, the managers will flag your order as urgent in attempts to expedite it. In this case, unfortunately, the price will be higher.

Student years are the best years of your life, and we want to make our small contribution in making yours as close to the best as possible.

Best of luck.

* Venn diagram