1. Complete the order form.

While completing the form make sure to fill in all fields because that allows for more complete difficulty matching, fulfilling university expectations and faster and more exact selection of a professional to complete your order. The deadline and time constraints of your work are key because we do offer an expedited option, where you work will be ready within an hour. Or you could choose a real-time completion, for example during a test. For this type of order, accommodations would need to be made ahead of time because a professional would need to be available and have time to be briefed on the material on the exam.

2. Within 50 min we set a price and timeline for your order.

Your order is linked to a personal manager that transfers your order to a professional. The professional will assess the timeline and price of the order. If you order an expedited completion, then the time spent searching for a professional will be longer. Either way, you will be notified of each stage of your order in real-time. You can view and manage everything regarding your order in your account on educasity.com and you will receive messages to your personal email

3. If you agree to the terms, you then pay for the order.

If you agree with the price and the timeline of your order, you will be prompted to pay for your order using one of the accepted forms of payments as stated in payment options. Once your payment is processed, the professional will immediately being working on your order.

4. You receive the completed work.

Once your order is complete, the status of the order in your account on educasity.com will change to "Completed", and simultaneously an email will be sent to your personal email. By clicking on "File/Solution" button, you can download the file containing the solution. In order to view the details of your order, access messaging with the manager in charge of your order and access to all functional buttons, you need to click on the thick bar under the symbol.

5. You make any remarks or edits you would like to be made.

After reviewing the completed work, you can ask the professional to explain any parts of the solution that you do not understand and you can ask for more detailed explanations. To do that click on "Chat" button, a chat window will open, where you can message the manager, attach your own files and download files sent by the professional.

6. We make your edits and fulfill any remarks.

Your questions and remarks will be sent for completion to the professional. The status of your order changes to "Revision" . After all requested changes are made, you can download the new completed file in the window that opens when clicking on "Chat" . Also you can download files from the detailed view of the order. You can resend your work for more edits several times, thereby achieving the best solution possible.

7. You get the fully edited and complete work!

After accepting the work, please provide feedback on your experience by clicking on "Leave review" button , so we can better our service. We read every review and greatly value your feedback! While we haven’t forgotten – what it’s like to be a be a student – we would like to be of the most help possible in making your college experience the happiest and years of your life. Sometimes laziness gets in the way...

If within the first 3 days from the moment of receiving your completed order, you have not contacted the manager in charge your order with any remarks or edits, your order is considered fulfilled at its current state. The order will be closed and you can no longer submit remarks or edits. For special orders, like thesis papers or research papers, the time at which the order is closed will be considered and agreed upon on a case-by-case basis.